Collins Top

PROJECT:  The Collins Top by Australian pattern company In The Folds (a one woman machine by the name of Emily Hundt) is a trapeze shaped top featuring mid-length sleeves with a round neckline and button closure at the centre back. The body has a hi-low hemline and the styles lines give this seemingly simple top some interesting detail.

PATTERN: In The Folds The Collins Top

REASONS FOR MAKING: I have had my eye on this pattern for a while. It’s popularity on Instagram meant it was forever popping into my feed, teasing me to give it a bash. The #makeyourstash challenge set by @timetosew and @pilar_bear was coming up, encouraging us all to dip into out stash, a principle that I absolutely love and try to do as often as I can, so I decided that the time had come for me to use a particular piece that I’ve had in my collection for a few years at least. Here’s how it went.

FABRICS:  After posting on my IG account, I had a few people ask me what this fabric is and being totally honest, I’m not actually sure. The best way I can describe it is a soft shirting cotton, woven with a dusty pink cotton yarn and a silver lurex yarn so when the light hits it, it has a full glistening sheen. I’ve had is so long I can’t even remember where I bought it. I love the look and feel of it but it creases like a &!*$^

TRIMS: 1 button – Mother of Pearl

Collins Buttons.jpg

HOW TO: Emily’s instructions are extremely clear and concise and if you read every step, you can’t go wrong. She holds your hand through it all. I’m a bit of a brat and finished all of my fabric edges before reading through the pattern and it turns out I should have waited until instructed to do so. Emily talks very elegantly about process and patience in her pattern packs…I read this before starting…I still jumped ahead…I have learned my lesson!!!

What I found really interesting about Emily’s patterns is the use of different seam allowances. Coming from a fashion design background myself, this was really nice to see as it makes perfect sense and I often find that sewing with 1.5cm allowances can be a tad bulky.

The style lines on this top are gorgeous. They sit into adjoining seams without creating bulk and press out really nicely.

Collins seamlines.jpg

There is a lovely emphasis on taking your time and getting a professional finish with these patterns and I found my priorities shifting from getting it finished to getting it right.


There are more pattern pieces to this top that might meet the eye and I love that. It’s a nice involved make, allowing you to really enjoy the process and reap all the rewards.


WHAT WENT WRONG: Like I said earlier, I finished my fabric edges before I needed to but it didn’t cause any major issues.

LESSONS LEARNED: Slow down! Sewing a garment, like any handmade process is a journey. It is a skill that you have worked hard to acquire so enjoy every step. You’ve earned it. Welcome to the Maker’s Movement.

VERDICT: I really liked sewing this project. The sizing, while a boxy shape, does come into play so be sure to measure yourself and stick to the charts. I can’t wait to see what Emily releases next and have to say a massive congrats on the Kickstarter Campaign. She’s really setting a standard for the rest of us designers!

Check out lots of other versions of this super popular pattern by searching #collinstop on Instagram.

Collins Fr Bk.jpg