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Worthy Design Studio is a Dublin based fashion studio designing contemporary collections for today’s makers.

It will provide makers with instantly downloadable sewing patterns to create their very own unique garment to wear with pride.

Worthy Design Studio promotes the use of natural fibres where possible and designs with sustainability in mind from ethical fabric sourcing to better practices in paper and fabric usage.

Makers are given the information and guidance needed to help with every step of their creative journey from clicking the download button to that final stitch and press.

I’m not a big believer in seasonal clothing - I’m Irish, you get it! So here at the studio, collections are designed to transcend the seasons and to be timeless in nature so you can wear your hand made garments for years to come, whenever you like and even pass them down through generations to come. I believe in a slower pace of fashion. Garments take time to plan and make. Enjoy this process and reconnect with the joy of making.

As for me, I am Gillian, Designer and Maker behind Worthy Design Studio. I studied Fashion Design at NCAD and have worked in the fashion industry for over 10 years. I have decided to return to my passion of garment construction and pattern cutting in a hope to pass on that energy to others by showing them them the steps to creating and making for themselves.